Press release 29th Apr 2024

Transparency International UK respond to the resignation of the Scottish First Minister

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When Humza Yousaf took office as First Minister, Transparency International UK wrote offering recommendations to deliver openness and transparency. We suggested he grasp the opportunity to determine a new set of robust principles, processes and practices that could enable Scotland to claim her place as a beacon of open, transparent government.

Today, as the First Minister resigns as leader of the SNP, international visitors from government and civil society are meeting in Edinburgh to discuss how to improve transparency as part of an Open Government Partnership event. Open Government works to deliver public participation in, and transparency and accountability of, government decision-making.

Commenting as the First Minister resigned, Daniel Bruce, Chief Executive of Transparency International UK said:

“Whilst we have heard good rhetoric about improving the Scottish Government’s transparency mechanisms, transformative steps which could ensure good governance and improve scrutiny and accountability of government in Scotland have remained warm words rather than actions.

“As we discuss international progress towards transparency here in Edinburgh with our open government colleagues, we are mindful that whatever the political make-up of the Scottish Government, and whoever is First Minister, truly embracing the principles of open government will help restore trust in decision makers and decision making.”