Press release 12th Mar 2024

Transparency International encourage full and fair investigation of former Bangladeshi Land Minister’s overseas property empire

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Transparency International UK have welcomed comments by Bangladesh’s former Land Minister, Saifuzzaman Chowdhury, who said he was willing to participate in a full investigation into how he acquired £200 million worth of UK property. 

The comments come after investigations by the Daily Star in Bangladesh [1] and Bloomberg [2] revealed how the former Minister had amassed a substantial UK property empire during his time in office. The investigations found the former Minister had not included the properties on his 2023 pre-election declaration of interest, which stated his official salary to be £10,000.

The former Minister claimed no corruption had taken place and stated a willingness to see a high-level investigative committee formed to probe the purchases [3].

Daniel Bruce, Chief Executive, Transparency International UK said:

“We welcome the former Minister’s willingness to have a full and fair investigation into his UK property investments. Understanding how Saifuzzaman Chowdhury accumulated so much  UK real estate is vital to addressing concerns of impropriety. To secure confidence in proceedings this inquiry needs adequate resourcing, specialist officers, cross-border cooperation, and freedom from political interference.

“The UK’s National Crime Agency should stand ready to assist Bangladeshi authorities looking into these very serious allegations, and be ready to lead their own investigation if the need arises. Failure to challenge unexplained wealth in our economy would send a message that the UK is a safe place for suspect funds.”


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[3] In response to Saifuzzaman Chowdhury’s most recent comments, Transparency International Bangladesh issued a statement calling for due process in the investigation into him and involvement of relevant authorities in Bangladesh including the police, Anti-Corruption Commission and Financial Intelligence Unit there. 

Full statement accessible here: