Investing with Integrity II

Impact investing can play a hugely positive role around the world delivering real and measurable development impact alongside financial returns. However, it is not without difficulty with the most need for this type of investment being markets with the highest corruption risks.

Our Investing with Integrity report found that many impact investors are not fully considering or managing corruption risk, and that this may lead to serious financial and reputational issues. It also highlighted how corruption contributes to or exacerbates the environmental and social risks that impact investors try to minimise.

Investing with Integrity II has been produced to help navigate these challenges and support impact investors to take the necessary steps to combat these risks and place business integrity at the heart of impact investing where it belongs.

This new guidance explores the main ways corruption in impact investing can severely undermine environmental and social outcomes. To address this risk we advocate for a carefully coordinated approach across business integrity, environmental and social due diligence.


Investing with Integrity II

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