Destabilising Defence: How Corruption Undermines Security Across Africa

Mon 25th Jan 2016
18:00 – 20:00 BST
Kings College London
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Transparency International’s Defence and Security Programme is partnering with the African Leadership Centre and Africa Research Group at King’s College London for a panel discussion on how corruption undermines security governance across Africa. Coinciding with the launch of TI's Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index, the event aims to examine the diverse drivers of corruption on the continent and their role in derailing security reform in Uganda and Kenya.

A wine reception will follow the event.

The event will feature:

  • Dr Alex Vines, Chatham House, Africa Programme Head (Chair)
  • Dylan Hendrickson, Senior Fellow Department of War Studies, King’s College London
  • Gladwell Otieno, Vice-Chairperson of the ALC and former director of TI-Kenya
  • Gavin Raymond, Training and Capacity Building Lead, Transparency International