General Information

  • Title of consultancy: UK Anti-Money Laundering Initiative: Securing meaningful reform
  • Application closing date: Midnight, Tuesday 16th August 2022
  • Approximate start date: August – September 2022



The UK is widely understood to have a dirty money problem. Action, however, has been slow to address it and many promised interventions have not materialised. There is an urgent need to get legislation and policy formulation back on track, and to win the argument that the UK needs to sharpen the way it tackles its role in dirty money flows and global kleptocracy.

An Illicit Finance Working Group (IFWG) hosted by the UK Anti-Corruption Coalition was officially formed earlier this year. The IFWG is a coalition of NGOs, academics and All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs). The IFWG aims to utilise evidence-based advocacy and strategic communications to raise the salience of the UK’s dirty money problem in order to achieve needed reforms by the end of 2023 and secure longer-term change. 



The objectives of this project are to:

  • deepen clarity and understanding over the networks, individuals and ecosystems we are aiming to engage,
  • understand how best to reach and influence those ecosystems in order to deliver our objectives and achieve real reform


The agency will carry out the following:

  • Audience mapping (ecosystems): While the IFWG has already undertaken much of our primary stakeholder mapping, we want to better define the networks, individuals and ecosystems influencing our primary stakeholders and our objectives for them.

This will help us to prioritise our communications and engagement focus and determine the most influential channels, tactics, opportunities and moments for us going forward.  This mapping will include networks around new Government appointments in September, in particular relevant positions in the Cabinet.  Beyond politicians and their advisors, these networks are likely to include media – traditional and social, key influencers including economists and key academics, industry, and key parts of the electorate.  

  • Audience profiling: Providing insight into these key audiences’ motivations, interests and communication preferences, informing our strategy around how best to reach and engage them. This would include the kind of issues, content, tone and channels that resonate with them, and influencers they engage with.  It may be that some further market research will need to be conducted by the agency around some of these groups.
  • Mapping our relative strengths and opportunities individually and as a movement; what do we do well already, who does it and where are the gaps. We would also like to examine the opportunities, for example, to build our digital reach significantly in the coming months.  
  • Shaping strategic objectives and measures of success.  
  • Quick wins: supporting with immediate opportunities whilst we are recruiting our Illicit Finance working group Communications Manager.  This will include working with us to develop messaging to be used alongside upcoming opportunities in Autumn 2022, such as the passage of a new Economic Crime Bill through parliament. 



Ideally, the project would commence as soon as possible as the Autumn parliamentary period is fast approaching.  As part of the tender process we would ask the agency to set out rough timings for each phase as well as the project overall.

All presentations, documents and reports should be submitted in English, in electronic form, in accordance with agreed deadlines.


Remuneration and costs

The agency should provide their estimate total fee as a lump sum, inclusive of taxes and other charges.


Submitting your expression of interest

If you would like to apply for this opportunity, please submit an expression of interest including the below, to

  • Your proposed approach to this project with approximate timings
  • An indicative budget.
  • Your CV/the CVs of your consultants with examples of relevant work you have completed.
  • 2 referees – ideally from organisations you have recently worked with.