Our vision is for a world fair and free of corruption where companies act and integrity and do not participate in, enable or endorse corruption. Through our Business Integrity Programme, we help companies better detect, prevent and respond to corruption risk and promote integrity as a key route to tackling corruption globally.

Why should companies prioritise tackling bribery and corruption?

Corruption in the private sector manifests in various forms of illegal and unethical conduct such as bribery (including facilitation payments), inducements, kickbacks, embezzlement, collusion, nepotism, trading in influence, abuse of function or position, undue influence, and unmanaged conflicts of interest

Nearly all countries criminalise the payment of bribes to public officials. Some countries also criminalise bribery, and some other forms of corruption, between private parties. A growing number of countries, such as the UK, Australia and South Africa, also criminalise indirect bribery, where a bribe paid by a third party benefits the company.

Tackling corruption is also an ethical consideration. Even if the conduct is not specifically prohibited by law, it may breach principles of business integrity and carry a reputational risk for the company.

What we expect companies to do

  • Prohibit corruption in all its forms
  • Establish a robust anti-corruption compliance programme
  • Monitor and assess corruption risk on an ongoing basis
  • Provide targeted training and communications to employees and third parties
  • Encourage employees and others to raise concerns through secure and accessible whistleblowing channels
  • Foster an organisational culture of integrity

Become a corporate member

Companies can support our work and be at the forefront of the fight against corruption by joining our Business Integrity Forum. Through member-exclusive events and briefings, our Business Integrity Forum creates a B2B network for knowledge-sharing and informed discussion with leading companies and experts on key anti-corruption trends.

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Participate in our corporate anti-corruption benchmark

Our Corporate Anti-Corruption Benchmark is an industry leading self-assessment tool for companies wishing to measure and compare their performance against legal requirements, best practice and their peers.

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